Feature Hotel

Occidental Costa Cancun


I needed a getaway and the beach just seems to draw me in every time. So me and my wife boarded an early morning flight and headed towards Cancun. The flight from Atlanta is a mere two hours. In a short time you will be on a beach sipping on a cool tropical drink.

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Great Hotels

The Venetian Hotel Las Vegas


My recent stay in Las Vegas brought me to yet another hotel, one different from the last one I stayed before while visiting Vegas. This time I stayed in the Venetian Resort Hotel. This has to be my best experience thus far when it comes to the hotels I have slept in, on my many visits to this city of neon lights.

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Room Mate Hotel New York


When I first heard the name of the hotel Room Mate Grace, it was not appealing at all. I didn't know if I was going to be in a hostel or just shacking up with a total stranger. Neither was the case and I was relieved. When I got into my room, I was very impressed. 

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InterContinental Hotel Miami


The InterContinental Hotel is a five star property located in the heart of downtown Miami with waterfront views. It is a 34 story complex with a great bar and a top notch restaurant with superior service. 

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Ozo Hotel Amsterdam


Ozo Hotel is a beautiful very modern hotel situated in the heart of dynamic Amsterdam Zuid-Oost district. This four star hotel with four star amenities and a four star staff to go along with the appearance of the building.

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Amsterdam Manor Aruba


Aruba continues to be one of my favorite places on earth. The beaches are beautiful and the weather is as close to perfect as you could get. What puts the icing on the cake is the accommodations at the Amsterdam Manor.

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Hotel Pavilion Opera Paris


Today we call it Hotel Pavilion Opera but tomorrow we will call it The L'Echiquier Paris Opera Hotel. The great staff and beautiful architecture will remain the same with some added features and a facelift that will only add to the beauty that already exist. 

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