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Hello Everyone!, I am Norman Payne from Louisville, Kentucky and residing in Atlanta, Georgia. I developed Up up up and Away travel blog because I love to travel. I live to experience new cultures, eat exotic foods and explore things I had only dreamed about. 

I believe that traveling can educate you and feed your soul. It is like a drug, the more you do it, the more you want! 

My goal is to take you on a journey, as seen through my experiences and the interesting destinations I have explored. 

Up up up and Away will deliver information on must see attractions, terrific accommodations and wonderful places to eat along with travel tips and travel deals.

With a list of the fun things to do and magnificent places to visit, Up up up and Away will take you there before you actually step foot on the land.

Allow Up up up and Away to take you on an thrilling excursion…YOUR JOURNEY AWAITS! 

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While in Rome, you do as Romans do! It is a beautiful place!



Amsterdam, stole my heartened it is a must do for everyone!



The food here is amazing! From the "sit down" spots to the "street food", you can not resist!